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GitLab Certified Associate


GitLab Certified Associate is a technical certification offered by GitLab Professional Services to help the GitLab community and team members validate their ability to apply GitLab in their daily DevOps work. To earn certification, candidates must first pass a 1-hour written assessment, followed by a 2-hour hands-on lab assessment graded by GitLab Professional Services engineers.


Starting in May 2020 GitLab soft-launched the GitLab Certified Associate certification. The certification assessments are currently available to GitLab Professional Services customers who purchase the GitLab with Git Basics course for their teams. Course participants gain access to the certification assessments immediately after completing their course sessions. GitLab also offers an asynchronous self-study option for anyone to prepare for and take the certification assessments, available on GitLab Learn where anyone can create an account.

As of April 2021 GitLab offers a self-service option for anyone to access an asynchronous version of certification preparation eLearning and exams to achieve this certification.

Why GitLab Associate certification?

For employers

With GitLab Certified Associate, team managers now have a way to confirm their team members possess the same basic concepts and skills needed to get started with GitLab in their daily work. All team members who achieve the certification will have a solid foundation upon which to continue to grow their skills and successfully adopt GitLab.

For individuals

Individual GitLab users who earn GitLab Certified Associate certification receive a certification logo they can share on social media to showcase their accomplishment. This helps highlight to colleagues and employers their foundational knowledge of how to use GitLab, and their capacity for growth in gaining additional GitLab skills going forward.

Exam objectives

Individuals who earn GitLab Certified Associate certification are able to perform the following fundamental tasks.

  • Explain what GitLab is and why teams use it
  • Perform basic Git commands for branching and merging locally and remotely
  • Apply fundamental concepts and skills using GitLab within the DevOps lifecycle

Next steps

Fill out the form below or contact your GitLab sales representative to discuss scheduling a dedicated live delivery of GitLab with Git Basics for your team, which includes all of the required certification assessments.

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