GitLab Certified CI/CD Associate

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GitLab Certified CI/CD Associate

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GitLab Certified CI/CD Associate is a technical certification offered by GitLab Professional Services to help the GitLab community and team members validate their ability to apply GitLab concurrent DevOps processes and best practices in their daily work.


For employers

With GitLab Certified CI/CD Associate certification, team managers have a way to confirm their team members possess the skills needed to effectively set up and use GitLab concurrent development, including continuous integration, continuous development, and continuous delivery. All team members who achieve the certification will be able to apply CI/CD functionality and best practices to speed up development and release higher quality software.

For individuals

Individuals who earn GitLab Certified CI/CD Associate certification can showcase their ability to effectively set up, configure, and apply GitLab's CI/CD functions to more efficiently develop and release software.


GitLab offers two class options to prepare for certification, although neither is required in order to take the exam:

  1. Instructor-led: Fill out the form below or contact your GitLab sales representative to schedule an instructor-led delivery of GitLab CI/CD.
  2. Self-service: You can enroll in our self-paced option to complete your certification in GitLab LevelUp.

Certification Exam

The GitLab Certified CI/CD Associate exam is available for anyone to purchase and take, regardless of whether they have participated in instructor-led GitLab training, self-service GitLab training, or neither. To earn certification, candidates must first pass a written assessment, followed by a hands-on lab assessment graded by GitLab Professional Services engineers.

Certification Name Change

As of July 27th, the name of this certification changed from GitLab Certified CI/CD Specialist to GitLab Certified CI/CD Associate. We will be offering a series of more advanced certifications in the coming months for those who are interested in continuing to level up their skills in this area.

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