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System Requirements for GitLab Professional Services Training Sessions

Pre-Training System Requirements for Attendees

In advance of attending training sessions delivered by GitLab Professional Services, there are a few tasks that need to be done on your side to ensure a smooth learning experience. Most of the training modules will include a presentation and demo which you can follow along with on your system, as well as one or more hands-on labs. To ensure you can practice what you are learning, you need to use your own laptop/system with Docker and Git installed. Please review the following requirements ahead of your scheduled training session.

Attendee Laptops

Here are some things you should take care of ahead of the session to make sure your laptop system is ready.

  • System: Each attendee must bring their own laptop running macOS, Linux, or Windows. Please review the system requirements here to confirm your laptop meets them.
  • Internet Access: Your laptop should have internet access and at least http, https, ftp, and ssh open outbound.
  • Docker: Install Docker on your laptop from here
  • Verify Git installation: Your laptop likely already has Git installed. To verify, follow these instructions.
    • macOS: Type git in the Terminal application. If it’s not installed, it will prompt you to install it.
    • Linux: sudo yum install git-all or sudo apt-get install git-all
    • Windows 10: Windows Subsystem for Linux
    • Other versions of Windows: See Git for Windows
  • Generate SSH keys: Follow the instructions here

GitLab Demo Cloud Access

Our trainers will set up a unique invitation code for course attendees to access the GitLab Demo Cloud, which you will use as a sandbox during the training sessions. You will be able to create credentials to access the Demo Cloud using the invitation code. This will enable you to access GitLab's paid features and capabilities during the training session that are not available with the free version of GitLab. To make sure you can access the site ahead of time, visit the GitLab Demo Cloud login page and enter your invitation code.

Course-Specific Requirements

GitLab for System Administrators

  • Docker: Course attendees use Docker installed on their own systems to set up a GitLab sandbox instance, instead of the GitLab Demo Cloud sandbox. This is why it's important to install Docker prior to the start of the training session so that you can fully participate in the hands-on activities during the session. If you are not able to install Docker on your system, you will still be able to view the trainer's demonstration of the steps during the session.
  • OS: Non-Windows, Mac OS X preferred
  • Browser: No Internet Explorer

GitLab CI/CD Training

  • GitLab Access: Access to GitLab such as through the GitLab Demo Cloud environment is required for each attendee to participate in the hands-on activities.
  • Browser: No Internet Explorer

GitLab InnerSourcing Training

Licenses: The following features covered in this session are only available for Silver/Gold & Premier/Ultimate GitLab Licenses:
  • Epics
  • Incremental Rollout
  • Feature Flags
  • Release Orchestration
  • Package Registry
  • Container Registry
  • Dependency Proxy
  • Dependency Firewall
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