Train the Trainer

Scale your DevOps transformation across your entire global enterprise


Empower your teams to be leverage experts in all things GitLab - and accelerate your enterprise adoption of the single application for the DevOps lifecycle.

For customers with thousands of business users, developers, and operators who want training and education on the various aspects of GitLab, our staff can help you leverage internal trainers. We will bring your team up to speed using the same programs we use to train GitLab team-members and partners. In addition, we will provide all the materials and resources you need to be successful.

As our curriculum updates as the uses for GitLab expand in your organization, our train-the-trainer resources will always be available for your teams.

Who is this service for?

Customers with large enterprises who will need leveraged help driving organizational change.

What's included?

GitLab offers a variety of training courses depending on your team's needs. In addition, we offer specialized training that can be customized even further.

The general courses we offer include:

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