Rapid Results Consulting

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This service package is designed for customers on-boarding to GitLab’s SaaS product - Our Professional Services Engineers will work with your team to architect projects and groups and advise on best practices for getting the most value possible from your GitLab purchase.

Duration and Cost

The estimated duration for the scope below is 2 weeks. Rapid Results is a fixed price engagement, the list price is $17,500.00 USD. Travel and expenses are not included in the base price and will be invoiced separately.

Who is this for?

New customers to’s SaaS offering who want help in improving the time-to-value for their GitLab solutions.

What’s Included

  • Solution planning to assess current tech stack and plan for changes
  • Solution roadmap providing clear on-boarding path for teams
  • Best Practices planning and recommendations
  • End user training to create GitLab evangelists within your organization
  • You can view the Rapid Results SaaS Statement of Work Template that further defines the activities, assumptions and outcomes of this package.

Sample Agenda

Week 1:
Solution Planning

  • Kick-off and Current State assessment
  • Introduction to GitLab team and Rapid Results program
  • Set up regular cadence
  • Establish key personnel from each side that will be entrusted to make the project a success
    • Executive sponsor(s)
    • Project Manager
    • Development and Operations leaders
  • Establish connectivity and access to GitLab group
  • Current technical stack evaluation
  • Future State discussion and design
  • Discuss needs for single sign-on and identity management
  • Deliverable: Solution Roadmap

Week 2:
Training & Deployment

  • Configure group policies to match corporate standards
    • Single-sign on
    • IP Whitelisting
    • Group owners
    • 2FA settings
  • Discuss data and migration considerations, create migration assessment
    • Note: the rapid results program does not include direct migration services
  • GitLab with Git Basics Training for any team members new to git or GitLab
  • GitLab CI/CD Training for Development Team Leads and other DevOps personnel
  • Install and configure private GitLab runners (either at the group or project level)
  • Project wrap up
  • Introduction to Technical Account Management and GitLab Support for on-going engagement
  • Deliverable: Training completion certificates and final project package

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