GitLab 17 release event

The future of AI-driven software development

View the recording of our virtual launch event and see what your organization can do with AI throughout the SDLC.

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GitLab 17

Today AI can — and should — do much more than assist in code generation. AI should transform your workflow and make your entire software development lifecycle smarter, faster, and more secure. And with GitLab 17 and GitLab Duo, it does.

Watch our annual virtual release event to see how your organization can improve collaboration, visibility, security, and cycle times with one platform powered by AI.

You’ll get access to:

  • Demos of AI throughout the software lifecycle — from identifying and fixing vulnerabilities to troubleshooting CI/CD pipelines
  • What you can expect the future to hold as AI in software development evolves
  • How your organization can adopt AI while maintaining control and data privacy
  • A sneak peek of what our team’s working on for future releases
David DeSanto

David DeSanto

Chief Product Officer

Ashley Kramer

Ashley Kramer

Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer

Hillary Benson

Hillary Benson

Senior Director, Product Management

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