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Integrated APM for Cloud Native Applications

Why is a DevOps Integrated APM solution essential?

Performance and availability mean everything to end users of applications. However, often monitoring has been separated from the development lifecycle - making triaging extremely hard. Without integrating application performance monitoring within the DevOps lifecycle, monitoring metrics are visualised independently of development objectives, release workflows and business metrics - resulting in longer time to remediate issues primarily due to lack of visibility into deployment changes, lack of a feedback loop from production environments into development and testing improvements.

With this in mind, GitLab believes that it is key to complete the loop in the DevOps lifecycle by offering an integrated APM solution that focuses on key areas of monitoring - user experience (roadmap), metrics, traces, and logs - and integrates with development processes and business outcomes.

Observability for Cloud Native Applications

Distributed Tracing & Logging

Dashboarding and Alerting

User Experience

APM Demo

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