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Common challenges in data science

Data science and machine learning teams are at the cutting edge of business innovation, bringing together insight and learning from data sets near and far. They must be cross-functional, agile, and iterative as they work with business and IT teams to unlock the value hidden in their organization’s data.

Data science teams need to:

  • Collaborate both inside and outside their teams, and often inside and outside their organization
  • Plan and manage projects and sprints, with tools flexible enough to support scrum, kanban, and more
  • Version control everything: manage and track different versions of files, models, test cases, data sets
  • Automate key workflow steps, that are otherwise slow and subject to manual errors
  • Streamline testing and validation of work, making it much faster and more repeatable
  • Simplify infrastructure management and often across multiple cloud providers

Data Science with GitLab

  • Cross-functional discussions and collaboration: GitLab issues make it easy for teams to bridge silos and departments. See an example Issue discussion
  • Lightweight and scalable agile planning and work management: Create and track issues, organizing work into sprints and epics. Keep your broader team aligned as you focus on building models and collaborating with your business. An example Burndown Chart
  • Easily keep track of different versions: Manage changes to your project files, models, and scripts as you build, train and deploy your models. Collaborate while reviewing changes to help your teams deliver faster. Suggestions are easily viewed and applied
  • Simple and scalable automation: GitLab CI/CD makes it easy to validate models by testing key elements with each change, and automating model building and deployment. Pipeline visualization
  • Deploy and manage your model in any cloud: Being truly cloud-agnostic means that GitLab provides a complete DevOps platform that allows teams to have the same productivity metrics, governance, and other connective tissue, no matter what cloud you use. See deployment view Pods in GitLab

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