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Insights to increase rate of iteration and improve quality of application delivery

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You cannot fix what you cannot visualize and measure. Dashboards and reports with insights from various parts of your DevOps workflow help you increase deployment speed and improve the quality of application delivery.

Manage your complex pipelines

Pipelines are the heart of your DevOps workflow and ensuring they are healthy and performant at all times is critical for your DevOps success.

Multi project pipeline graphs
  • At any time, your organization can have multiple projects in flight. With the CI/CD Pipelines dashboard, you get an at-a-glance view of different projects in your organization. Understand each project's operational health including their pipeline and alert status so you can isolate and understand if it is affecting a specific application or your whole business.
  • Initiatives that span different parts of your organizations could have multiple projects working towards a common goal and hence needing to be part of a single pipeline. With multi-project pipeline graphs, you can now coordinate how different stages from different projects interact with each other within a single pipeline.

Effective Day 2 Operations

Your end to end DevOps workflow is only as fast as all the individual components that make it up. With various insights for operations teams, GitLab ensures your operations processes are moving at the pace of development.

Environments Dashboard
  • Similar to the CI/CD pipelines dashboard that gives an at a glance view of the pipeline health, the environments dashboard gives a cross project view of the health and performance of all the environments in your projects. This view can help you diagnose if there is a specific issue in a specific environment or if it is a systemic issue that is affecting all environments.
  • Building and managing Kubernetes environments can be challenging. A centralized view of the Kubernetes cluster environments helps teams effectively track cluster environments, observe pod status and identify issues in the cluster environments.
  • Incident Management helps developers triage incidents related to their application. At any point in time, teams are dealing with numerous incidents. It is critical to prioritize and the SLA countdown timer helps prioritize based on incidents that are closest to SLA breach.

Oversee application quality

Defects are faster and more cost-effective to fix the earlier they are detected in the development cycle. GitLab enables you to visualize and enforce best practices for minimizing defect leakages.

  • Test coverage analysis can help detect leakages from one stage of the development lifecycle to the next. The Group Code Coverage Dashboard helps DevOps teams track test coverage across a number of projects to identify code that isn't being tested.
Group code coverage

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