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GitLab Version Control & Collaboration

Make sense of software development and deliver value incrementally

DevOps foundation
Transform software development - make every release count
Boost productivity
- Reduce rework
- Lower cost of delivery
- Improve dev experience
Accelerate delivery
- Shrink cycle time
- Rapid reviews and quality
- Increase dev velocity
Secure & Compliant
- End to end traceability
- Visibility and reporting
- Simplify audits & security

Version control for everyone

GitLab streamlines software development with comprehensive version control and collaboration. A modern SCM tool that brings the team together. A place for the whole team; developers, product managers, designers, testers, and more are able to connect, collaborate, and dramatically reduce cycle time without sacrificing quality, security, compliance.

A solid foundation for your DevOps journey to transform your software delivery and deliver faster, more efficiently, and more reliable code.

Your company's DevOps best practices thrive with GitLab
Streamline collaboration, shrink cycle time, and improve quality
Gitlab pipeline
Teams deliver faster
- One application for devs and designers
- Visibility for all, permissions for few
- High code quality and integration frequency
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Always be launching
- Automate releases and rollbacks
- Simplified branching and merging
- Handle easily large files in huge repos
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Track and trace
- Quick audits and compliance
- End to end traceability
- Scan and find vulnerabilities
Version control best practices: achieve a product mindset
Learn how cross functional teams can work together and become faster than functionally staffed orgs
Collaboration ebook
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Person Name
GitLab is the backbone of our development environment. Today we have 2,500 people working on that for us daily
Software Engineering- Kazan Team, Worldline
Antoine Neveux
Logo worldline
Our model required having to request the manual creation of an SVN repository which could take up to a week
We started using GitLab because we wanted to get an easy Git repository management system and because we wanted people to be able to use merge requests, we wanted the ability to have more code reviews and to ease discussions between developers.
Coming soon to GitLab Version Control and Collaboration
We welcome your feedback and contribution to our vision and roadmap
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Comprehensive SCM and Code Review suites
Distributed teams achieve high frequency integration with threaded conversations in Merge Request workflows, webIDEs and static site editor built-in
Code Intelligence Multi file snippets
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Raw power
Git heavy lifting to make GitLab always available using hot nodes and replicas. Never miss data with failover and disaster recovery
Large merge requests Fault Tolerant
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Designers welcome!
Support for designs and design workflows, plug-ins to design environments. Upload designs, have conversations over points of interest. Thread and resolve them.
Design System Design Tool Integrations
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