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Scope of Support for (Bronze, Silver, Gold subscriptions) has a full team of Site Reliability Engineers and Production Engineers monitoring its status 24/7. This means that often, by the time you notice something is amiss, there's someone already looking into it.

We recommend that all customers follow @gitlabstatus on Twitter and use our status page at to keep informed of any incidents.

Note: If you obtained a Gold subscription as part of GitLab's Open Source or Education programs, support is not included unless purchased separately. Please see the GitLab OSS License/Subscription Details for additional details

Outside of the Scope of Support for

Out of Scope Example What's in-scope then?
3rd party applications and integrations I can't get Jenkins to run builds kicked off by GitLab. Please help me figure out what is going on with my Jenkins server GitLab Support can help ensure that Gitlab is providing properly formatted data to 3rd party applications and integrations in the bare-minimum configuration.
Troubleshooting non-GitLab components How do I merge a branch? .com Support will happily answer any questions and help troubleshoot any of the components of GitLab
Consulting on language or environment-specific configuration I want to set up a YAML linter CI task for my project. How do I do that? The Support Team will help you find the GitLab documentation for the related feature and can point out common pitfalls when using it.

Please also review the items outlined in the Outside of the Scope of Support for all tiers section.