Team Structure

GitLab Inc. has at most five layers in the team structure:

  1. CEO
  2. CxO's and VP's
  3. Directors
  4. Leads
  5. Individual contributors (IC's), which can be a specialist in one thing and be an expert in multiple things.

The title manager is used exclusively outside of engineering and might be one of two roles. Either for an individual contributor (if they don't have reports) or a lead (if they do have reports).

The groupings of multiple layers are called:

  1. C-team (CEO and CxO's)
  2. Executive team / e-team (CEO, CxO's, and VP's)
  3. Management team (Directors and up)
  4. Leadership team (Leads and up)
  5. Team / team members / (Git)Labbers (everyone working at the company)
  6. Community (all contributors to GitLab, when excluding team members use: wider community)

The organization chart below reflects the reporting relations. You can see our complete team and who reports to whom on the team page. Our open vacancies are at our jobs page.