Team Structure

Function layers

GitLab Inc. has at most five layers in the team structure:

  1. CEO
  2. CxO's and VP's
  3. Directors
  4. Managers/Leads*
  5. Individual contributors (IC's), which can be a specialist in one thing and be an expert in multiple things.

*There is one exception to the above structure. Due to the large number of sales development representatives (SDRs) and business development representatives (BDRs) we have 1 extra layer of management: team leads that report into the manager of sales and business development. Some of individual contributors (without any direct reports) have manager in their title but are not considered a manager in our team structure structure nor salary calculator, examples are product manager, accounting manager, account manager, channel sales manager, technical account manager, field marketing managers, online marketing manager, and product marketing manager.

Management layers

The groupings of multiple layers or management are called:

  1. C-team (CEO and CxO's)
  2. Executive team / e-team (CEO, CxO's, and VP's)
  3. Director team (Directors and up)
  4. Management team (Leads and up)

Group layers

  1. Community (all contributors to GitLab, when excluding tge company use: wider community)
  2. Company (everyone working at the company)
  3. Function (CxO/VP level, for example Engineering or Finance)
  4. Department (Director level, for example Frontend)
  5. Team (Manager level)
  6. Myself (IC level)

When we work together cross functionally we call that a crew. A crew is a temporary group, it disbands after work is complete. A crew is self-organizing, for example our product managers are not project managers that tell you what to do, and a cross functional team does not have a manager. A crew doesn't have reporting lines, we don't want a matrix organization. An example of a crew is the people working on our project to migrate to Google Cloud Platform who are from the production, build, database, and Geo groups.

The organization chart below reflects the reporting relations. You can see our complete team and who reports to whom on the team page. Our open vacancies are at our jobs page.