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7 GitLab CI hacks

Improve productivity using advanced workflows

A 2019 study by a leading independent research firm indicates when your CI/CD tool works out-of-the-box, your team’s productivity will improve by at least 10% due to less toolchain management.

GitLab built-in CI/CD does not only eliminate maintenance nightmare, it comes fully customizable, so teams can benefit from added automation with a few simple workflows.

Watch this webcast to hear 2 GitLab Engineers go over 7 GitLab CI advanced workflows that can help your team get to productivity faster.

Please note this session requires a working knowledge of GitLab CI/CD. For an introduction to GitLab CI/CD, watch our Mastering CI/CD webcast.

In this webcast, we’ll cover:

  • Continuous software development vs. traditional software development
  • The benefits of a built-in CI/CD solution over a traditional plug-in solution like Jenkins
  • Overview and demonstration of 7 GitLab CI advanced workflows to help your team get to productivity faster

Watch the webcast

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