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Release Radar: Auto DevOps

Accelerate delivery by 200% in two steps

How many steps does it take to go from code to production? Automated pipelines are supposed to make software delivery faster and more efficient, but often require many integrations that need to be managed and maintained—making the process not so automatic.

However, with Auto DevOps, you can go from code to production in just two steps. Your pipeline is built into the same application as your repository, no integration necessary. Just write and commit your code, and Auto DevOps will do the rest: detect the language of your code and automatically build, test, measure code quality, scan for security issues, package, monitor, and deploy the application. Auto DevOps removes the barriers to shipping secure, bug-free code, fast.

Join us for a live broadcast to learn how Auto DevOps simplifies your deployment pipeline to accelerate delivery by 200%, improves responsiveness, and closes the feedback gap between you and your users.

What we cover:

  • The competitive edge imperative: speed, feedback, and responsiveness.
  • What is Auto Devops and how does it work?
  • 2-step demo and pipeline interface walk through.

Watch the webcast

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