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Collaboration without Boundaries - Faster Delivery with GitLab

Collaboration best practices should foster teamwork and shorten release cycles. Bringing cross-functional teams together is fundamental to set up workflows that minimize risk and optimize value delivery. Faster delivery starts with seamless collaboration and a commitment to using the best tools for the job. GitLab increases code quality and improves release velocity through team review and validation. We will show you how to increase your velocity while keeping teamwork and cooperation shining.

In this webcast, we will:

  • Discuss whether source code management is enough for your team and explore how cross-functional teams collaborate on designs, data pipelines, and other assets.
  • Tackle design management from the get go by versioning and giving feedback on designs in the repo.
  • Identify the benefits of collaborating across the product team in a single location.
  • Demo GitLab features to strengthen collaboration.

Watch the webcast

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