Automation and collaboration are an organization's answer to increasing operational efficiency, accelerating delivery, and innovating products. In this 4-part series, you'll gain insight on ways you can automate your processes with CI/CD and overcome common obstacles to developing a faster DevOps lifecycle.

Let's Talk DevOps and Drawbacks

DevOps hasn't met its promises to bridge IT and development teams since teams are culturally siloed and work in different environments.

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Solving the Collaboration Conundrum: How to Make the DevOps Dream a Reality

The next advancement of DevOps empowers cross-team collaboration through frictionless handoffs, unmatched visibility, and full accountability.

Join this webcast to learn how your team can contribute to a single conversation across the lifecycle and unlock the toolchain with Concurrent DevOps.

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Removing Barriers Between Dev and Ops: Setting Up a CI/CD Pipeline

CI/CD is the link that connects developers and operations, enabling teams to quickly build better software.

Join this webcast to explore CI/CD, including its challenges, and discover ways to build, test, and deploy faster.

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Getting Started with CI/CD at GitLab

The benefits of continuous integration and continuous deployment are tremendous when automation plays an integral part of your workflow.

Join this webcast to learn how GitLab CI/CD helps developers focus on building great products.

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