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Digital DevOps Series - How to Reduce DevOps Cost

Join GitLab + T-Mobile on to learn how to reduce IT costs by simplifying your software development toolchain.

Goodies to take back to the office:

  • Learn how to eliminate unnecessary tools costing you lots of money.
  • Lower maintenance cost allowing engineers to innovate rather than integrate.
  • Increase developer productivity with a consistent, efficient, and collaborative experience.
  • The keys to happier developers with end-to-end insights and visibility.


Justin England

Principal Architect, Continuous Delivery Platform at T-Mobile

Justin is an entrepreneur, full-stack engineer and former systems admin who has been a professional programmer since high school. He has had stops along the way that include his Almas Mater Penn State, 10up, and Now he focuses on working toward a devops transformation with T-Mobile. As the Principal Architect for CDP, he has been working to migrate from the legacy TMO CI practice and tooling to new best practice-based, gitops driven, developer workflows. He is fanatically obsessed with creating true CI/CD best practices and driving forward the goals of the CDP change org inside of the T-Mobile space.

Darwin Sanoy

Senior Solutions Architect at GitLab

At heart, I am a toolsmith - I thrill at the task of transforming a complex process into a reusable tool. I enjoy scaled things. Scaled automation through DevOps and the Cloud and scaled expertise sharing through blogging, training and social. I enjoy sharing. I am a pragmatic innovator who likes to make things that people like to use - Adoption Driven Development, if you will tolerate one more acronym. Before I came to GitLab, I worked at a large SaaS company with over 4000 developers and 100 SaaS solutions. As a working team lead, I and my team ran GitLab as a scaled, highly available service. My team and I also maintained IaC automation that ran on tens of thousands of Windows and Linux instances that comprise complex SaaS stacks in AWS.

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