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Accelerating Digital Transformation at Northwestern Mutual

with Terraform and GitLab

In order to fully utilize the capabilities of the cloud, organizations need tools that allow them to scale infrastructure up and down and deploy application updates on demand.

Northwestern Mutual used to have on-prem datacenters with long wait times (easily weeks) to provision new infrastructure. In the midst of their digital transformation, Northwestern Mutual took DevOps to heart and embraced everything as code, meaning even infrastructure was defined and versioned as code.

In this webinar, Sean Corkum, assistant director of engineering at Northwestern Mutual, will walk through how he and his team are leveraging Terraform and GitLab to modernize their infrastructure deployments.

In this webcast, we will cover:

  • What is Terraform?
  • Terraform + GitLab workflows
  • Northwestern Mutual digital transformation case study
  • Demo of Terraform Cloud, GitLab, and Sentinel workflow, including policy checks and cost estimation

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