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Never before has a powerful digital banking customer experience been so critical. Which institutions will come out on top and why? Every leader in banking wants to quickly transform their institution into a tech enterprise, but without a solid DevOps foundation, mistakes will be inevitable.

The winning advantage will go to competitors whose top-down strategy includes not only open source collaboration and a single application workflow, but also the stability, security, and innovation inherent to an open source platform. Leaders who flourish in the coming new paradigm will seize on ways to create better customer experiences via a savvy backend technology.

Joining our conversation is Brandon Dewitt, CTO & Co-Founder of MX. At MX, exceptional experience starts with exceptional data. This leads users to make informed decisions about their money and improves customer experience.

In this webcast, we’ll cover:

  • Fintech development strategy, success, and single-application workflow
  • Achieving open source stability and security
  • Better, faster backend: creating tomorrow’s customer experience


Brandon Dewitt

Co-Founder & CTO, MX

Chief Technology Officer Brandon Dewitt uses his passion for helping people relieve financial stress to lead the MX engineering team. He has a unique management philosophy that focuses on team members taking responsibility and managing themselves. Brandon was co-founder and CTO of MyJibe, an Indianapolis-based personal financial management company. In 2011, Brandon merged efforts with Ryan Caldwell when MX acquired MyJibe.

Traci Robinson-Williams

Digital Transformation Evangelist & Technology Business Strategist, GitLab

Traci is a senior product market leader with GitLab, focused on driving DevOps transformation in regulated industries. As a technology go-to-market strategist, she specializes in bringing teams together to execute innovative ways to approach industry challenges. After working in tech and consulting for over two decades, she sees team and business potential outside of traditional methods and practices, particularly in the areas of digital and cultural transformation. Traci has led strategic go-to-market initiatives, particularly related to Digital Transformation and Customer/Citizen Experience (CX), in organizations across a variety of industries including management and technology consulting, professional and IT services, cyber security, wireless, telecom, hospitality, IT hardware and software, and government contracting.

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