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Automating cloud infrastructure with GitLab and Terraform

Hands on Virtual Lab on GitOps

During this hands on Virtual Lab, you will need Qwiklabs access to provision a pre-configured hands on learning lab environment. An instructor will guide students through configuring GitLab, Terraform, and Vault together for an automated GitOps-based workflow on Google Cloud Platform.

GitLab is a single application that provides an entire DevOps platform out-of-the-box for a seamless, low maintenance, just-commit-code software development, and delivery experience. GitLab enables flexible automation workflows that are complementary to other tools like Terraform and Vault.

Terraform is a tool for building, changing, and versioning infrastructure safely and efficiently. The infrastructure Terraform can manage includes low-level components such as compute instances, storage, and networking, as well as high-level components such as DNS entries, SaaS features, etc. Together, GitLab and Terraform can be configured to provide infrastructure teams the capability to manage their cloud infrastructure, continuously and reliably.

Google Cloud provides scalable cloud infrastructure with managed services for various forms of compute, storage, networking, etc. With extensive open APIs, almost any and every aspect of the API can be automated and managed via code the proper tools. Organizations looking to adopt cloud native solutions in an agile way need a better way to manage the inherent complexities when elastically scaling their services, breaking up monolithic applications, and securely operating at speed through cross functional teams.

Key learnings in this Virtual Hands on Lab will include:

  • Configuring relevant CI/CD environment variables within GitLab to provide the appropriate runtime information for Terraform cli.
  • Adding an existing Kubernetes cluster as a deployment target in GitLab via GitLab’s Kubernetes integration.
  • Triggering parent-child CI/CD pipelines through new Merge Requests that call on pre-defined CI templates and evoking an Infrastructure as Code workflow via Terraform.
  • Learn how to organize GitLab Groups with multiple projects per microservice when developing and operating an N-Tier cloud native application.


Tad Einstein

Senior Program Manager at Google Cloud

Tad Einstein is currently a Senior Program Manager at Google Cloud, spearheading efforts to drive hands-on cloud learning at scale. Prior to joining Google Cloud Learning Services, Tad was the first Customer Engineer located in the state of Florida and helped Google build and expand its cloud book of business in the state. Prior to Google, Tad was a Global Solutions Architect for Equinix Professional Services, architecting solutions to help customers take advantage of cloud technologies. Prior to Equinix, Tad was a Consulting Technical Director for Oracle Corporation specializing in client engagements related to Enterprise deployments of Oracle Cloud and Engineered Systems.

Mayank Tahilramani

Sr. Alliance Manager at GitLab

Before joining GitLab, Mayank has led several roles spanning from managing alliances/partnerships at Google Cloud, software pre-sales and technical SME for networking solutions at Citrix, as well as functioned as a developer at a smaller software consulting company in Biotech. In his free time you'll either find him exploring the outdoors in the Pacific North West or tinkering away with some shiny new open source technology at home.

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