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Want to learn more about the newest GitLab monthly release? Then join us for our monthly release recap on the second Wednesday of each month.

During this webcast, we will highlight a top new feature in our monthly release, which goes out on the 22nd of each month, and give a short retro on how we’ve improved this asset. We’ll also touch on the other new features in our latest release, how to best make use of our tool, and offer a look at what’s to come.

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Past release webcasts

GitLab 11.4 - Collaboration

Whether you’re a developer, an engineer, a product manager, a security expert, or a UX designer, you often need to collaborate cross-functionally to get work done. At GitLab, we believe everyone can contribute, and we set out to create an application that helps teams efficiently collaborate.

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GitLab 11.3 - Governance

We are excited to announce support for Maven repositories and Protected Environments. These features help automate controls around environments while providing further efficiencies for Java developers. With Protected Environments operators can assign permissions to determine who can deploy code to production. This significantly reduces the risk of the wrong person committing something they shouldn’t and increases overall security of the environment.

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GitLab 11.2 - Get started and iterate faster

Developing web applications is faster and easier when developers don’t have to set up a new project from scratch and can make changes in real time. In our latest release, the live preview in GitLab’s Web IDE allows users to iterate faster by seeing the outcome before committing the changes.

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GitLab 11.1 - Security

Security is a critical component of the software development pipeline, and GitLab’s single application makes it easier for security professionals and developers to collaborate and resolve issues early. Our latest release offers improved visibility by way of a new Security Dashboard.

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GitLab 11.0 - Auto DevOps

How many steps does it take to go from code to production? Automated pipelines are supposed to make software delivery faster and more efficient, but often require many integrations that need to be managed and maintained—making the process not so automatic. However, with Auto DevOps, you can go from code to production in just two steps.

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