GitLab 11.2 - Get started and iterate faster

Accelerate software delivery and see changes in real time with our Web IDE

Developing web applications is faster and easier when developers don’t have to set up a new project from scratch and can make changes in real time. In our latest release, the live preview in GitLab’s Web IDE allows users to iterate faster by seeing the outcome before committing the changes.

To speed up the installation process, the Cloud Native Helm Chart is now generally available to help you get started with GitLab on Kubernetes. And manifest files help you move forward faster by allow you to import larger project structures with multiple repositories all together, for instance enabling the import of repositories based on the Android Open Source Project (AOSP). Custom project templates allow users to get started faster by eliminating tedious setup tasks.

Join us for a live broadcast to learn more about GitLab’s latest enhancements including how to preview your live JavaScript web application in the Web IDE and see your changes in real time right next to the code.

What we covered:

  • Live Preview in GitLab’s Web IDE
  • Custom Project Templates
  • Import Android projects
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