GitLab 11.4 - Collaboration

Accelerate software delivery through the power of collaboration

Whether you’re a developer, an engineer, a product manager, a security expert, or a UX designer, you often need to collaborate cross-functionally to get work done. At GitLab, we set out to create an application that will help teams collaborate and work together more efficiently.

In our latest release, we build on ‘Code Owners’ from the 11.3 release by introducing Suggested Approvers. With Suggested Approvers, GitLab will suggest who should review and approve a specific merge request based on the code owners file. This way, you can quickly and efficiently get changes reviewed and approved. We also added File Tree view to the merge request to make it easier and faster for reviewers to navigate through multiple changed files and provide their feedback. Finally, we introduced Batch Comments to help reduce noise from comments on merge request so people subscribed to the project can keep track of changes more efficiently.

Join us for a live broadcast to learn more about GitLab’s latest enhancements including a preview on File Tree View and Batch Comments.

What we'll cover:

  • File Tree View
  • Batch Comments
  • Suggested Approvers


  • North America - TBD at TBD
  • EMEA - TBD at TBD

Here's what to expect!

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