GitLab 11.4 - Collaboration

Accelerate software delivery through the power of collaboration

Whether you’re a developer, an engineer, a product manager, a security expert, or a UX designer, you often need to collaborate cross-functionally to get work done. At GitLab, we believe everyone can contribute, and we set out to create an application that helps teams efficiently collaborate.

In our latest release, we made code reviews more efficient with Merge Request Reviews. We’ve built on Code Owners from the 11.3 release so that GitLab can suggest who should review and approve a specific merge request based on the CODEOWNERS file. We also added Batch Comments and file tree view to the merge request to consolidate and streamline feedback on multiple changed files. On top of code reviews, we introduced an alpha version of Feature Flags, so teams can practice continuous delivery by deploying new features to production in small batches. This feature helps mitigate risk before a full rollout. Finally, we are thrilled to announce we have opened up the ability for Core users to manage their CI/CD pipelines more efficiently by having Include files in their .gitlab-ci.yml files. This was previously only available to Starter and up tiers. With the change, everyone can now move faster!

Join us for a live broadcast to learn how GitLab’s latest enhancements can help your team accelerate software delivery.

What we covered:

  • File Tree View
  • Batch Comments
  • Feature Flags
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