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Unleashing the power of portable Serverless

With Kubernetes and Knative in a single DevSecOps application.

Serverless computing offers a number of advantages over traditional cloud-based or server-centric infrastructure. However, it comes with a set of challenges such as increased reliance on the vendor that provides all the backend services for your application.

GitLab Serverless allows you to run your own FaaS on any infrastructure without the vendor lock-in of traditional cloud function services.

Download our webcast to see how GitLab optimized for Kubernetes and Knative can help you achieve operational efficiency gains from Serverless without the vendor lock-in.

In this webcast, we’ll cover:

  • The advantages and disadvantages of Serverless computing
  • How to install Knative and easily run Serverless functions on any Kubernetes cluster from GitLab, avoiding vendor lock-in
  • How to run full CI/CD pipelines complete with monitoring, SAST and DAST functionalities right from the GitLab UI

Watch the webcast

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