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GitLab's Security features

Register to learn about GitLab's Security features and why they are important to your customers

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GitLab 101

Register to learn more about GitLab, the first single application to manage all stages of the DevOps lifecycle.

Introduction to GitLab with GitBasics

Register for a walkthrough of the GitLab user interface, its features and functionality and a demonstration of the GitLab flow for development. Also learn the basics of using Git and how to use it with GitLab. How to configure a local workspace, clone & pull from the GitLab, make local changes using the GitLab flow, commit them and finally push them back to the GitLab.

Introduction to GitLab's integrated CI/CD

Register for an introductory course to using GitLab CI/CD, covering the .gitlab-ci.yml file focusing on some commonly used features and functionality and the GitLab Runner.

Product Tiers

Register to learn more about GitLab product tiers and maturity levels.

Selling the value of GitLab Ultimate

Register to learn how you can help your enterprise customers solve their delivery challenges with GitLab Ultimate.

Customer case studies

Register to hear how three customers leverage GitLab to gain a competitive advantage.