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Rethinking DevOps for Business Resiliency

The Culture, Process, and Technology

Just a few months ago, it was a goal to become more responsive and collaborative, and to release faster; now, it is essential. The disrupted, connected, and the remote world we have found ourselves in has strained nearly every business operation globally.

The good news is that responsiveness, collaboration, and fast release are core benefits of DevOps, digital transformation’s servant. And wherever you may be in DevOps adoption, there are surprisingly simple and straightforward ways to achieve more. Join CI&T and GitLab in this webcast as we highlight best practices in this new era of making sure the business is resilient.

In this webcast, we’ll cover:

  • Top 3 DevOps practices you can implement now to increase operational efficiency
  • How to redefine success with process tweaks and automation to shorten cycle time and maximize results
  • Stretching towards DevSecOps to begin to lay the groundwork for embedding security and compliance into your DevOps workflow


Daniel Viveiros


Daniel is the CTO for CI&T and has been delivering digital products for global enterprise companies for more than 19 years. He is responsible for client-facing engineering teams that are driving business impact for clients such as AB InBev, Banco Itau (the 7th largest bank in the world), Coca-Cola, Google, and Johnson & Johnson. Daniel believes that technology and people together are the heart of a digital transformation, and he works closely with clients to create a consistent roadmap and proper change management strategies to help them succeed in the digital space.

Brandon Jung

VP of Alliances, GitLab

Before joining GitLab Brandon founded and built the Google Cloud ecosystem that includes technology companies as diverse as Red Hat, Docker, Cloudera, Pivotal and Tableau as well as companies with deep cloud expertise like Cloud Technology Partners, Agosto, CI&T, Accenture and McKinsey. In his time outside of work, Brandon can be found having fun outdoors with his wife and three children in Denver.

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