May 30, 2018

Today’s toolchain limits a faster DevOps lifecycle, and it’s getting worse. The shift to microservices creates an explosion of projects that is difficult to handle.

GitLab, a single application for the entire DevOps lifecycle, can help unlock DevOps from today’s toolchain for a radically faster cycle time.

Join our experts Justin Haley and Ralf Gronkowski as they illustrate how The Bank of Ireland can realise Concurrent DevOps to provide greater visibility, efficiency, and governance.

In this session, we covered how to:

  • Make teams more efficient - start immediately, work concurrently, eliminate handoffs
  • Enable visibility across the DevOps Lifecycle - see changes, cycle times, security and operational health
  • Support governance - auditability, traceability, and enablement of data-driven decisions
  • Extract the power of Docker and show how GitLab is optimised for a microservices architecture

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