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How Trek10 modernizes Application Development using GitLab CI/CD on AWS

You can use GitLab CI/CD and AWS Serverless Application Model to create, build, test, and deploy a Serverless application. With GitLab, users can build and deploy serverless applications with minimal configuration to take advantage of continuous integration for serverless application development.

In this advanced one hour webinar, we’ll explore how GitLab partner, Trek10, effectively leverages GitLab CI/CD for delivering modern applications to the cloud with AWS Serverless Application Model. You’ll learn from Trek10 on the pragmatic best practices to keep you secure and productive from development through deployment.

In this webcast, we’ll cover:

  • Specific enterprise challenges around development, testing, and release, and best practices on how to do CI/CD with serverless.
  • A deeper dive on AWS Serverless Application Model, with a live demo and code samples.
  • Advanced security practices with GitLab and AWS Serverless Application Model.


Andy Warzon

Co-Founder & CTO, Trek10

As Co-Founder & CTO, Andy is responsible for technical leadership & strategy, professional development, and technical innovation at Trek10. Andy has 20 years of experience in startups and enterprises across software development, IT systems, and data analytics.

Emily Shea

Sr. Partner Development Manager, AWS

Emily leads business development for serverless within the AWS global network of technology partners, helping partners develop and grow their serverless solutions. Outside of her core responsibilities, Emily also builds and writes about serverless applications.

Pete Goldberg

Director of Partnerships, GitLab

Pete brings over 20 years of experience in technology including cloud computing, DevOps, system and application performance management, and security. Prior to GitLab Pete spent 8 years with Amazon/AWS.

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