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The Weeds of Cloud Native

In the era of cloud computing, Kubernetes has emerged as an engine for delivering reliable IT operations. Today, Cloud Native development and cycle time acceleration are increasingly important to business survival. For organizations adopting DevOps, Cloud Native technology such as Kubernetes, microservices and serverless can dramatically accelerate development velocity and improve release frequency when paired with the right tooling.

Register for this webcast to discover how enterprise leaders are consolidating the tool stack to fully realize the promise of Cloud Native and increase operational efficiencies. Business survival depends on the speed of our DevOps lifecycle. How fast can your teams deliver code and create customer value?

In this webcast, we’ll cover:

  • What is Cloud Native and why is it important
  • The challenges of going Cloud Native
  • The fragmentation and hidden cost of the available solutions for enterprises dealing with these challenges
  • Protips from enterprise technology leaders on how to avoid the pitfalls of Cloud Native to fully realize its value

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