The GitLab Hackathon is a virtual event that takes place once a quarter, where community members get together to work on merge requests, participate in tutorial sessions, and to help new contributors. The Hackathon is open to anyone who is interested in contributing code, documentation, translations, UX design and more. Prizes are awarded to participants for having Merge Requests (MRs) merged and there may also be special award categories at each Hackathon.

If you want to get started contributing to GitLab, check out the Contribute page.

Q1'2019 Hackathon

The Hackathon has started, have your MRs submitted by 00:00 Feb 14th in your time zone!

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Hackathon Prizes

We are excited to offer three categories of prizes for this Hackathon:

  1. Everyone with an MR merged will receive a Merged MR prize
  2. Each individual that submits a completed MR for an issue on the Priority MR's list will receive the Priority MR's prize
  3. The individual with the most MRs merged will receive the Grand Prize.

The new Priority MR's category exists to encourage community contribution on key issues that were identified by GitLab Product Managers. If you have your MR merged for one of these issues, you will receive this extra prize. A community member can only win one Priority MR's prize, so we ask you to only work on one of the priority issues.

Note: all qualifying MRs must be merged by Feb 25 23:00 UTC


Priority MR's

The following are issues that we want to encourage community members to work on during the Hackathon. There are issues from several product categories, and we ask that each community member pick only one of these issues to work on. If you are interested in working on one of the issues during the Hackathon, please add a comment on the issue and note that you want to work on it. We may add more issues to the list prior to the Hackathon.

Product category Issues
1 Create Project custom file templates
2 Configure Ingress deployment doesn't support non IP address formats
3 Documentation (Charts) Document how to set the maximum proxy body size
4 Manage Share private project via URL
5 Monitor Update cluster health empty state on cluster overview
6 Plan Test cases and test suites
7 Release Timer is vertically misaligned for delayed jobs in pipeline actions
8 Verify Step folding - collapse job log into sections with duration
9 Open Source Add project configuration to require MRs to have the allow_collaboration flag set
Button to toggle all discussions in a Merge Request
Highlight currently focused/viewed file in file tree

Tutorial sessions

We are excited to announce the following tutorial sessions featuring several GitLab Product Managers:

Date Time in UTC
(click for local time)
Session Conference link Speakers
February 12 08:00 - 08:30 Hackathon Kickoff Recording, Presentation Ray Paik (@rpaik), Dave Planella (@dplanella)
14:00 - 14:30 Manage Recording Jeremy Watson (@jeremy)
14:30 - 15:00 Verify Recording, Presentation Brendan O'Leary (@brendan)
18:30 - 19:00 Create Recording, Presentation James Ramsay (@jramsay)
19:00 - 19:30 Configure Recording, Presentation Daniel Gruesso (@danielgruesso)
February 13 23:00 - 23:30 Hackathon wrap-up Recording, Presentation Ray Paik (@rpaik)

If you miss any of the sessions, you will find the recordings in the Hackathon Playlist.

Getting help

For communications during the Hackathon, we will use the GitLab Community room in Gitter. This is a channel for community-related discussions and for community members to help each other as people have questions when contributing to GitLab.

It's open to everyone, so please join us at the GitLab Community room!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which GitLab projects qualify for the Hackathon?

    While we generally encourage contribution to the GitLab CE and the GitLab EE projects, MRs for any project under the gitlab-org group, Charts, Meltano, and www-gitlab-com qualify for the Hackathon. If you are in doubt about a project which is not on this list, please do ask us on the Community Gitter channel.

  1. What are the key dates for the current Hackathon?

Past events

Q4'2018 Hackathon (November 14-15)

Hackathon event archive

To learn more about previous Hackathon events, visit the past GitLab Hackathons page.