The Diversity Sponsorship Program is temporarily on Hold

Why is it on hold? We are working to improve and make the program better.

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Community Sponsorship

In February 2016, we announced a $500 USD grant for events which promote diversity in technology. Yep, all events which help increase diversity in technology automatically receive the grant.

If you intend to apply, please leave enough lead time (at least 4 weeks but preferably more) for us to process your application.

Apply for sponsorship

Why is fostering diversity important?

As if the moral imperative and ethical rationale was not enough, there are also practical advantages to fostering diversity. These events help increase the potential pool of talent to work at GitLab. Research has also proven that more diversity is better for business in almost every aspect. (McKinsey, 2015)

Eligibility (Non-Diversity Events)

If you're hosting an event which doesn't meet the description of an "event which promotes diversity in technology", we'd like to thank you for considering GitLab as your sponsor, unfortunately we don't respond to non-diversity requests for sponsoring. We identify sponsorship opportunities ourselves and reach out ourselves.

You can take a look at the diversity events we sponsor on our events page.

Other sponsorships