Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Sponsorship Criteria

GitLab is striving to promote increased awareness of diversity issues. As part of GitLab's efforts to meet this goal, GitLab will sponsor informative, interactive, and reflective events.


The Event must help to further GitLab's values. When considering events to sponsor, the GitLab team values the opportunity to actively participate in the event. When processing applications, the team considers:

In the application please include specific connections/references to GitLab's values.

Community Sponsorship

How to apply to a DIB Event Sponsorship?

If you intend to apply, please leave enough lead time (at least 6 weeks, but preferably more) for us to review your application.

Please be aware that GitLab will Sponsor up to 20 events annually. Please submit one application per organization, per calendar year. Due to the number of applications, only approved parties will receive confirmation of sponsorship. To suggest a Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Event for sponsorship please use the Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Sponsorship Request Issue Template.

Why is fostering diversity important?

As if the moral imperative and ethical rationale was not enough, there are also practical advantages to fostering diversity. These events help increase the potential pool of talent to work at GitLab. Research has also proven that more diversity is better for business in almost every aspect. (McKinsey, 2015)

DIB Sponsorship Process Approval

After applying for a Event Sponsorship someone from the Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging team will review the issue created by the organiser. They will review if the issue has the correct labels (should have DIB Sponsorship: status: received added by the person who created the issue) and if it has all the necessary information about the event added. The DIB team reviews the DIB issue board every week and will take action accordingly.

  1. The next step is to schedule a call with the person that is requesting the sponsorship to understand all details related with the event - the DIB team should change the label to *DIB Sponsorship: status: under review*.
  2. After reviewing the content and all the information gathered the DIB Team Member decides that the event is not one we wish to sponsor. The DIB Team Member will notify the requestor by commenting on the issue with 2-3 reasons for the declining the opportunity. Closing the issue and removing status label.
  3. After reviewing the content and all the information gathered from the initial call someone from the DIB team will email the finance team (using the email: ap@gitlab.com) highlighting the information about the event such as how many attendees, cost of the event and a justification for sponsoring that event - with the DIB Manager in CC for visibility. It is important to note that if the event exceeds the 500$ cap you will need to involve the DIB Manager or the Corporate Marketing team for guidance prior to sending the email to the finance team - the DIB team should then change the label to *DIB Sponsorship: status: pending approval*
  4. Finance will then review the sponsorship request and approve or deny accordingly - the DIB team should finally change the label to *DIB Sponsorship: status: approved*.
  5. Finally someone from the DIB team will need to ask the organizer to ask for a detailed invoice from the event team we are sponsoring (bank information, address, contact information) and once that invoice is sent to the finance team the issue should be closed by the DIB team.

Eligibility (Non-Diversity Events)

If you're hosting an event which doesn't meet the description of an "event which promotes diversity in technology", we'd like to thank you for considering GitLab as your sponsor. Unfortunately, we don't respond to non-diversity requests for sponsoring. We identify sponsorship opportunities and reach out ourselves.

You can take a look at the diversity events we sponsor on our events page.

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