2024 Global DevSecOps Report

This year's survey highlights evolving attitudes towards security, AI, and developer experience.

Executive summary

Our survey of more than 5,000 DevSecOps professionals worldwide showed that organizations are prioritizing investments in security, AI, and automation — and all of these are having positive effects on the experiences of developers and software engineering teams. However, this year's survey also highlighted specific areas, such as software supply chain security, that warrant particular attention as organizations build out their DevSecOps strategies.


Top IT investment priorities in 2024

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Part 1: IT Investment Trends

Security, AI, and automation: Top investment areas in 2024

This year, we noted a reshuffling of priorities as organizations continue to balance long-term, traditional priorities such as security and the cloud with other technologies such as AI and automation.

Top IT investment priorities in 2024


What are the top IT investment priorities for your organization in 2024?

19% -5% YoY
19% +8% YoY
DevSecOps platform
17% +6% YoY
16% +14% YoY
Cloud computing
16% -26% YoY
15% -16% YoY
Application monitoring and observability
13% +7% YoY
Continuous integration, deployment, and delivery
13% -4% YoY
MLOps and data science
12% +8% YoY
Value stream management, DORA metrics, and analytics
12% +31% YoY

Security remains a top priority, taking the number one spot this year despite a slight decrease in the percentage of respondents who identified security as a priority. AI showed a slight but statistically significant increase from 2023 — suggesting that AI is increasingly becoming a primary focus for many organizations.

The number of respondents who identified a DevSecOps platform as an investment priority and the number of respondents who said their organizations are currently using a DevSecOps platform this year were similar to 2023, suggesting that interest and investment in DevSecOps platforms remains stable. Meanwhile, interest in automation saw a significant increase in 2024, with automation jumping from priority number six in 2023 to number four this year.

One of the biggest signals of the reshuffling of priorities is the fate of cloud computing: The cloud was the top priority in 2023, but this year it dropped to number five. However, it's clear that the cloud continues to be important — we saw a significant decrease year over year in the number of respondents who said they are running less than half of their apps in the cloud (68% in 2023 to 43% in 2024), and a corresponding increase in the number of respondents who said they are running 50% or more of their apps in the cloud (32% in 2023 to 55% in 2024). This suggests that while the cloud is still mission-critical for many businesses, it's now “table stakes” — and at the same time, the list of priorities for technical teams and IT leaders continues to grow.

Finally, while metrics and analytics didn't make the top five investment priorities this year, we did observe a significant uptick compared to last year (9% in 2023 to 12% in 2024), suggesting that this is an up-and-coming priority for organizations.

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