Global Developer Report

As a software professional, you are an innovator, problem solver, researcher, and a creative. Your job is to take big ideas and make them a reality. With the right support, the possibilities are endless. When roadblocks are removed and you’re allowed do your best work, you change the world.

To help you get there faster, every year we examine the needs and preferences of the developer, compare workplace perceptions with management, and aim to expose what high-functioning organizations are doing differently. From overall satisfaction at work, to preferred workflows, collaboration methods, and tools, GitLab’s Annual Developer Survey aims to empower you, your team, and your manager with the information you need to work better, together.


In our most recent report, we heard from more than 5,000 software developers, architects, IT managers and executives from around the world to uncover the impact of workplace culture, workflow, and tooling on the needs, preferences, and satisfaction of today’s developer.

2018 Global Developer Report

2018 Global Developer Survey - all data