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As organizations continue their journey around digital transformation, DevOps has become the go-to set of best practices to increase their velocity of delivering value to the business while increasing quality. Breaking down the walls and reducing the handoffs necessary to complete a full delivery lifecycle is also very important and remains a challenge to most organizations.

GitLab is a complete DevOps platform, delivered as a single application with bring-your-own-infrastructure flexibility. You can deploy anywhere from the cloud to on-premise using GitLab. By running GitLab on AWS you get a complete DevOps platform running and deploying to AWS cloud infrastructure.

Joint AWS and GitLab Benefits

GitLab collapses cycle times by driving higher efficiency across all stages of the software development lifecycle running on AWS.

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GitLab is available both as a Self-Managed package to install, configure, and administer on your infrastructure or as a SaaS offering that you can simply sign up and start using. GitLab Self-Managed runs great on everything from bare metal and VMs to AWS.

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