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Category Vision - Source Code Management

Source Code Management

Source code management enables coordination, sharing and collaboration across the entire software development team. Track and merge branches, audit changes and enable concurrent work, to accelerate software delivery.

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Large file support (see Gitaly direction) is an ongoing area of interest because it blocks certain segments of software development from using Git.

Similarly extremely large repository support (see Gitaly direction) is also an area of interest for the same reason.

Top Customer Success/Sales issue(s)

The most frequent category of request is for improved support for scale and team velocity. As companies grow, software projects have a tendency to grow in size and complexity. The applications and repositories tend to be a thorn in the side, for which GitLab can be of assistance.

Improved support for forking workflows, is important for customers large and small, commercial and open source. Bringing the forking workflows up to par with shared repository workflows is very important to these customers.

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