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GitLab Mission

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We believe in a world where everyone can contribute. We believe that all digital products should be open to contributions; from legal documents to movie scripts, and from websites to chip designs.

Allowing everyone to make a proposal is the core of what a DVCS (Distributed Version Control System) such as Git enables. No invite needed: if you can see it, you can contribute.

We think that it is logical that our collaboration tools are a collaborative work themselves. More than 3,000 people from the wider community have contributed to GitLab to make that a reality.

Our Mission is on a 30 year cadence. Our Vision is on a 10 year cadence. Our strategy is on a 3-year cadence.


It is GitLab's mission to make it so that everyone can contribute.

When everyone can contribute, users become contributors and we greatly increase the rate of innovation.

Big Hairy Audacious Goal

Our BHAG over the next 30 years is to become the most popular collaboration tool for knowledge workers in any industry. For this, we need to make the DevOps lifecycle much more user friendly.


Our mission guides our path, and we live our values along this path.


  1. Ensure that everyone can contribute in the three ways outlined below.
  2. Become the most used software for the software development lifecycle and collaboration on all digital content by following the sequence below.
  3. Complete our product vision of a single application based on convention over configuration.
  4. Offer a sense of progress in a supportive environment with smart colleagues.
  5. Remain independent so we can preserve our values. Since we took external investment, we need a liquidity event. To remain independent, we went from being a private to a public company instead of being acquired.

Everyone can contribute

Everyone can contribute to digital products with GitLab, to GitLab itself, and to our organization. There are three ways you can Contribute,

  1. Everyone can contribute with GitLab
  2. Everyone can contribute to GitLab, the application
  3. Everyone can contribute to GitLab, the company

Everyone can contribute with GitLab

To ensure that everyone can contribute with GitLab we allow anyone to create a proposal, at any time, without setup, and with confidence. Let's analyze that sentence a bit.

Everyone can contribute to GitLab, the application

We actively welcome contributors to ensure that everyone can contribute to GitLab, the application. We do this by having quality code, tests, documentation, popular frameworks, and offering a comprehensive GitLab Development Kit and a dedicated GitLab Design System. We use GitLab at GitLab Inc., we dogfood it and make it a tool we continue to love. We celebrate contributions by recognizing a Most Valuable Person (MVP) every month. We allow everyone to anticipate, propose, discuss, and contribute features by having everything on a public issue tracker. We ship a new version every month so contributions and feedback are visible fast. To contribute to open source software, people must be empowered to learn programming. That is why we sponsor initiatives such as Rails Girls. There are a few significant, but often overlooked, nuances of the everyone can contribute to GitLab, the application mantra:

A group discussion reiterating the importance of everyone being able to contribute:

Everyone can contribute to GitLab, the company

To ensure that everyone can contribute to GitLab, the company we have open business processes. This allows all team members to suggest improvements to our handbook. We hire remotely so everyone with an internet connection can come work for us and be judged on results, not presence in an office. We offer equal opportunity for every nationality. We are agnostic to location and create more equality of opportunity in the world. We engage on Hacker News, Twitter, and our blog post comments. And we strive to take decisions guided by our values.

Everyone can contribute to

We welcome all contributors in the www-gitlab-com project so that everyone can contribute to GitLab uses to share our expertise with the world and believe we can build even greater levels of trust with contributions from our team and community. We strive to provide a great experience for our existing and new community members by reviewing changes and integrating the contributions into our regularly planned updates.

Customer acceptance

We firmly adhere to laws including trade compliance laws – see the GitLab Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, in countries where we do business, and welcome everyone abiding by those legal restrictions to be customers of GitLab. In some circumstances, we may opt to not work with particular organizations, on a case-by-case basis. Some reasons we may choose not to work with certain entities include, but are not limited to:

  1. Engaging in illegal, unlawful behavior.
  2. Making derogatory statements or threats toward anyone in our community.
  3. Encouraging violence or discrimination against legally protected groups.

This policy is in alignment with our mission, contributor and employee code-of-conduct and company values. Here are some links that may give you some background at how we arrived at this customer acceptance policy:


We acknowledge the risks to achieving our goals. We document them in our biggest risks page.

Why is this page public?

Our strategy is completely public because transparency is one of our values. We're not afraid of sharing our strategy because, as Peter Drucker said, "Strategy is a commodity, execution is an art."

Git is a trademark of Software Freedom Conservancy and our use of 'GitLab' is under license