New integration! Koding + GitLab: one-click to build every project, issue, and merge request in a complete IDE!

Code, test, and deploy together

Everyone can contribute

Build together: GitLab includes Git repository management, code reviews, issue tracking, wikis, and more, plus GitLab CI, an easy-to-use continuous integration and deployment tool.

Stay up-to-date: Collaborate with your team using issues, milestones, and line-by-line code review. View activity streams of projects or the people you work with.

Plays well with others: GitLab seamlessly integrates with Slack, Hipchat, LDAP, JIRA, Jenkins, and many other popular tools. GitLab includes many webhooks and offers a complete API.

Community-loved, enterprise-ready

GitLab Community Edition is open source and completely free to download. GitLab is powered by a community of more than 1,000 people.

GitLab Enterprise Edition offers deeper LDAP and Active Directory integration, Jira and Jenkins integration, and much more.

Enterprise Edition subscriptions can include 24/7 emergency support, a dedicated service engineer, high availability support, and more. Learn more on our pricing page.

We are never done

Updated Monthly: We release a new version of GitLab each month on the 22nd and it'll only take you 2 minutes to update.

Community Input: We listen to our community when deciding what to release next. Follow along with our upcoming releases.

Scales Effortlessly: GitLab runs smoothly on any size server but can scale to multiple active servers. A single server can handle more than 25,000 users.

GitLab is used by more than 100,000 organizations

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