Shift Left Security and Compliance

GitLab Security and Compliance

GitLab empowers your teams to balance speed and security by automating software delivery and securing your end-to-end software supply chain.


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Ship with speed and security

Integrated security

One platform, one price, everything out of the box.
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Continuous security

Automated scans before and after code push.
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Complete control

Implement guardrails and automate policies.
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Integrate security into your whole workflow

Try an interactive demo on how to add security scans to your CI pipeline.

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Security. Compliance. Shifted left.

Secure your software supply chain

GitLab helps you secure your end-to-end software supply chain (including your source, build, dependencies, and released artifacts), create an inventory of software used (software bill of materials), and apply necessary controls.

Manage threat vectors

GitLab helps you shift security left by automatically scanning vulnerabilities in source code, containers, dependencies, and running applications. Guardrail controls can be put in place to secure your production environment.

Adhere to compliance requirements

GitLab can help you track your changes, implement necessary controls to protect what goes into production, and ensure adherence to license compliance and regulatory frameworks.

Shifting Security Left

Integrate security testing within the CI/CD pipeline

Use our built-in scanners and integrate custom scanners. Shift security left to empower developers to find and fix security flaws as they are created. Comprehensive scanners include SAST, DAST, secret scanning, dependency scanning, container scanning, IaC scanning, API security, and fuzz testing.
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Manage dependencies

Given the multitude of open source components that are now used in software development, manually managing these dependencies is a daunting task. Scan application and container dependencies for security flaws and create a software bill of materials (SBOM) of the dependencies used.

    Manage vulnerabilities

    Scale security teams by surfacing vulnerabilities in developers’ natural workflow and resolving before pushing code to production. Security pros can vet, triage, and manage vulnerabilities from pipelines, on-demand scans, third parties, and bug bounties all in one place.

      Secure running applications

      Protect your workloads by setting up a secure CI/CD tunnel with your clusters, running dynamic application security scanning, operational container scanning, and setting up IP whitelisting.

        Implement guardrails and ensure compliance

        Automate security and compliance policies across your software development lifecycle. Compliant pipelines ensure pipeline policies are not circumvented, while common controls provide end-to-end guardrails.
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          Which tier is right for you?

          Which tier is right for you?


          • Static application security testing (SAST) and secrets detection
          • Findings in json file
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          • Static application security testing (SAST) and secrets detection
          • Findings in json file
          • MR approvals and more common controls
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          • Everything in Premium plus
          • Comprehensive security scanners include SAST, DAST, Secrets, dependencies, containers, IaC, APIs, cluster images, and fuzz testing
          • Actionable results within the MR pipeline
          • Compliance pipelines
          • Security and Compliance dashboards
          • Much more
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