Ship more secure software faster with AI throughout the entire software development lifecycle

Why GitLab Duo?

Accelerate your path to market

Develop and deploy secure software faster with AI in every phase of the software development lifecycle — from planning and code creation to testing, security, and monitoring.

Adopt AI with guardrails

With GitLab Duo, you control which users, projects, and groups can use AI-powered capabilities. Also, your organization’s proprietary code and data aren’t used to train AI models.

Improve developer experience

Give your developers a single platform that integrates the best AI model for each use case across the entire workflow, from understanding code to fixing security vulnerabilities.

Committed to transparent AI

For organizations and teams to trust AI, it must be transparent. GitLab’s AI Transparency Center details how we uphold ethics and transparency in our AI-powered features.

Committed to evolution

Meet GitLab Duo Workflow

The next generation of AI-driven development. Workflow is an intelligent, always-on agent that autonomously monitors, optimizes, and secures projects, enabling developers to focus on innovation.

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What’s new in GitLab Duo

Improve developer efficiency and effectiveness even more with Chat and Code Suggestions.


Real-time guidance for technical and non-technical users across the entire software development lifecycle.

Test generation

Automates repetitive tasks and helps catch bugs early.

Code explanation

Helps you understand code by explaining it in natural language.

Code refactoring

Supports developers in improving existing code quality.

Chat right in the IDE

Chat is offered in the IDE and web interface anywhere you interact with GitLab.

Code Suggestions

Help developers write secure code more efficiently and accelerate cycle times by taking care of repetitive, routine coding tasks.

Code generation

Automatically generate lines of code, including full functions, from single and multi-line comments as well as comment blocks.

Code completion

Automatically generate new lines of code from a few typed characters.

Language and IDE support

Available in 20 languages, including C++, C#, Go, Java, JavaScript, Python, PHP, Ruby, Rust, Scala, Kotlin, and TypeScript. And you can use your favorite IDE — VS Code, Visual Studio, JetBrains’ suite of IDEs, and Neovim are all supported.

AI-powered features across the software development lifecycle


Processes and generates text and code in a conversational manner. Helps you quickly identify useful information in large volumes of text in issues, epics, code, and GitLab documentation.

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Code Explanation

Helps you understand code by explaining it in natural language.

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Code Suggestions

Helps developers write secure code more efficiently and accelerate cycle times by taking care of repetitive, routine coding tasks.

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Suggested Reviewers

Create faster and higher-quality reviews by automatically suggesting reviewers for your merge request.

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Git Suggestions

Discover or recall Git commands when and where you need them.

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Test Generation

Automates repetitive tasks and helps catch bugs early.

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Vulnerability Explanation

Helps you remediate vulnerabilities more efficiently, boost your skills, and write more secure code.

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Vulnerability Resolution

Generates a merge request containing the changes required to mitigate a vulnerability.

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Value Stream Forecasting

Assists you with predicting productivity metrics and identifying anomalies across your software development lifecycle.

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Discussion Summary

Assists with getting everyone up to speed on lengthy conversations to help ensure you are all on the same page.

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Code Review Summary

Helps merge request handoff between authors and reviewers and helps reviewers efficiently understand suggestions.

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Merge Request Summary

Efficiently communicates the impact of your merge request changes.

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Issue Description Generation

Generates issue descriptions.

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Root Cause Analysis

Assists you in determining the root cause for a pipeline failure and failed CI/CD build.

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An Ultimate license will allow for testing certain capabilities listed as Experiments or in Beta subject to the GitLab Testing Agreement. Once an AI feature moves from Beta to General Availability, customers with either a Premium or Ultimate license may continue to use the GitLab Duo Pro capabilities by purchasing the GitLab Duo Pro add-on.


GitLab Duo

For developers that want to focus on innovation and deliver high-quality software


per user/month,
billed annually
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Features include:

Organizational User Controls

  • User permissions for AI capabilities

Code Suggestions

  • Code generation
  • Code completion
  • Available in many popular IDEs and supports 15 programming languages


  • Code explanation
  • Test generation
  • Code refactoring

Only available for Premium and Ultimate customers.

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GitLab Duo

For organizations that want AI throughout the software development lifecycle


per user/month,
billed annually

Everything from GitLab Duo Pro, plus:

Summarization and Templating tools

  • Discussion summary
  • Merge request summary
  • Code review summary

Security and vulnerability tools

  • Vulnerability explanation
  • Vulnerability resolution

Advanced Troubleshooting

  • Root Cause Analysis

AI analytics

  • AI Impact and Productivity Reporting

Personalize GitLab Duo

  • Self-Hosted Model Deployment*
  • Model Personalization*

*Planned. Additional terms and fees may apply.

Only available for Ultimate customers.

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