Continuous Software Compliance

Build in compliance for less risk and greater efficiency

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Software compliance is no longer just about checking boxes.

Cloud native applications present entirely new attack surfaces via containers, orchestrators, web APIs, and other infrastructure-as-code. These new attack surfaces, along with complex DevOps toolchains, have resulted in notorious software supply chain attacks and led to new regulatory requirements. Continuous software compliance is becoming a critical way to manage risk inherent in cloud native applications and DevOps automation - beyond merely reducing security flaws within the code itself.

Compliance. Security. Simplified.

License compliance and security scans automatically happen with every committed code change.

One DevOps platform for compliance

Built-in controls

Software compliance can be difficult when it is disconnected from the software development process. Organizations need a compliance program that is built-in, not bolted-on, to their existing workflows and processes. Learn more by downloading the Guide to Software Supply Chain Security

Policy automation

Compliance guardrails allow rapid software development while reducing risk of non-compliance and of project delays. Auditing is simplified by having everything in one place.

Shift compliance left

Just as you want to find and fix security flaws early, it’s most efficient to do the same with compliance flaws. Ensuring compliance is integrated into development enables compliance to shift left also

Compliance frameworks

Easily apply common compliance settings to a project with a label.

Simplify continuous software compliance

GitLab's compliance management capabilities aim to create an experience that's simple, friendly, and as frictionless as possible by enabling you to define, enforce and report on compliance policies and frameworks.

Policy Management

Define rules and policies to adhere to compliance frameworks and common controls.

    Compliant Workflow Automation

    Compliance automation helps you enforce the defined rules and policies and separation of duties while reducing overall business risk.

      Audit Management

      Log activities throughout your DevOps automation to identify incidents and prove adherence to compliance rules and defined policies. Visibility is greater with one platform and no toolchain silos.

        Security testing and vulnerability management

        Ensure security scanning and license compliance for every code change and allow DevOps engineers and security pros alike to track and manage vulnerabilities.

          Software Supply Chain Security

          Manage the end-to-end attack surfaces of cloud native applications and DevOps automation — beyond traditional application security testing.
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