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Value Stream Management

GitLab empowers teams with metrics and insights to ship better software faster.

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Focus on delivering customer value

Break down organizational silos

One platform to drive your organization’s business outcomes
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Gain actionable insights

Drive continuous improvement with visibility across your entire software delivery process.
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Optimize workflows

Get a unified view of your DevSecOps metrics to resolve process bottlenecks and achieve business goals faster.
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Continuous monitoring. Continuous improvement

Value Streams Dashboard

Track key metrics throughout the software development lifecycle, assess the impact of process improvements, and drill down into roadblocks. Compare best practices across teams to improve workflow and deliver customer value faster.

DORA4 metrics

Collect actionable out-of-the-box DORA metrics to benchmark your engineering teams, improve DevOps efficiency and communicate software delivery performance updates to business stakeholders.

Value Stream Analytics

Visualize flow and lifecycle metrics across DevSecOps workstreams to identify inefficiencies and opportunities for workflow improvements.

Value Stream Forecasting

GitLab Duo, our suite of AI capabilities provides value stream forecasting that predicts your productivity metrics to identify potential areas for future improvement and improve planning and decision-making.

Which tier is right for you?

Which tier is right for you?


Essential features for individual users

  • Project Level Value Stream Analytics
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Enhance team productivity and coordination

  • Issue Analytics
  • Group Level Value Stream Analytics
  • Contribution Analytics
  • Productivity Analytics
  • Code Review Analytics
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Organization-wide security, compliance, and planning

  • Value Streams Dashboard with Lifecycle, DORA4, merge request, and vulnerability metrics
  • Insights - Value Stream Management
  • DORA4 Metrics
  • Custom DORA reporting
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