Optimize workflows from idea to customer value

End-to-end analytics and insights

GitLab empowers teams to optimize their software delivery workflows through data-driven decisions powered by a DevSecOps platform with a unified data store.

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Visualize to optimize

Protect your software development lifecycle

Protect multiple attack surfaces, including your code, build, dependencies, and release artifacts
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Adhere to compliance requirements

Easy access to audit and governance reports
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Implement guardrails

Control access and implement policies
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Unified datastore. Unified view.

Optimize your value streams

  • Value Streams Dashboard identifies bottlenecks and opportunities for improvement with a unified view of your end-to-end software delivery metrics.
  • GitLab Duo’s value stream forecasting predicts your productivity metrics to improve planning and decision-making.
  • DevOps adoption analytics uncovers adoption barriers for your teams and drives DevSecOps transformation.

    Minimize disruptions

    • Security Dashboards and Security Center identifies trends in vulnerabilities and assigns project vulnerability grades so you can focus your remediation efforts on at-risk projects.
    • Vulnerability Report helps manage, triage, and remediate operational vulnerabilities found in your running applications.
    • Compliance center provide a consolidated view of your compliance signals such as segregation of duties, framework compliance, license compliance, user activity, and merge request/pipeline results.

      Faster, high quality releases

      • Operations Dashboard provides a summarized view of your project operational health, pipeline and alert status.
      • CI/CD Analytics consolidates your project pipeline success rate and performance metrics.
      • Environments Dashboard tracks the progress of changes as they flow through your development, staging, and production environments to ensure smooth and timely deployments.

        Faster, high quality releases

        • Value stream analytics identifies waste and surface improvement opportunities to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of development teams.
        • DORA4 metrics benchmark your DevSecOps maturity and identifies areas for process improvement.
        • Planning insights provides actionable insights into your development workflow with issue analytics, burndown and burnup charts, and roadmap analysis.
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          Which tier is right for you?

          Which tier is right for you?


          Essential features for individual users

          • Project level value stream analytics
          • Usage trends
          • Release analytics
          • Unit test report
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          Enhance team productivity and coordination

          • Group level value stream dashboard
          • Issue Analytics Contribution Analytics
          • Productivity Analytics
          • Code Review analytics
          • Operations Dashboard
          • Environments Dashboard
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          Organization-wide security, compliance, and planning

          • Security Dashboard
          • Value Streams Dashboard
          • DORA metrics & Custom DORA reporting
          • Portfolio roadmap
          • Planning Insights
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