GitLab helps you overcome the real world challenges you are facing with your entire software development lifecycle

Accelerating Delivery

IT Delivery at the Speed of Business

Every business is a really software business and accelerating software delivery is critical to business success. DevOps is the answer, however often, DevOps leads to fragmented and disconnected tool chains, which increases friction, increases cost and ultimately makes it much harder to collaborate. GitLab’s comprehensive, single application end to end DevOps approach enables teams to accelerate delivery without compromise.

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Executive Visibility

Enhancing IT Delivery Visibility

IT projects typically run long, run over budget and under deliver, leading to surprise “status updates” for executive leaders and sponsors. A key culprit causing the lack of visibility are the silos and disconnected systems that keep teams from clearly collaborating and sharing. GitLab solves the fragmented tool chain challenge, giving teams a common home to collaborate and leaders the ability to have actionable insight.

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Security and Quality bottlenecks

Improving Quality and Security with DevOps

'We’ll fix it in production' is the typical answer to late found defects or security issues on far too many software projects. Because testing and security are separate silos, often after multiple rounds of development work, it means that each defect or vulnerability can cause extensive rework. If only the issue was found when it was created. GitLab enables better quality and improved security by emeding testing, QA and security scans into every pipeline, giving developers the right feedback at the right time.

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Ensuring project Compliance

Compliance and Governance at DevOps Velocity

Worried about your next SDLC audit? Are your teams following the right controls and documenting every change? In many cases compliance is an expensive and error prone activity, where the stakes are incredibly high. GitLab’s workflows, audit trails and clear approval process makes it natural and easy to deliver at the speed of DevOps with compliance built in.

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Supporting Geographic distributed teams

Maximize Remote Developer Productivity

Often development teams work in remote offices around the globe, creating unique collaboration challenges and overhead in keeping them and their work in sync with each other. GitLab simplifies the challenges of leading and managing remote teams, making it easier for them to stay current and working on the latest version of their code.

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