GitLab provides solutions for all kinds of problems across the software development lifecycle.


Regardless of your process, GitLab provides powerful planning tools to keep everyone synchronized.

Issue tracker, Boards, Portfolio Management, self-hosted chat. Every part is well-integrated with each other, PPM and Issue tracker doesn’t have duplication, single source of truth. MR & Code changes linked to issue, trace back how your requirements were implemented. Capture project requirement, and collaborate on prioritization. Whether you use Waterfall, Agile, or Conversational Development, GitLab streamlines your collaborative workflows. Visualize, prioritize, coordinate, and track your progress your way with GitLab’s flexible project management tools.
With a single application that includes issue tracking, issue boards, merge requests, and portfolio management you can keep a single source of truth instead of duplicating data across multiple applications. Without being out of sync and not having a realtime view of the current status. Always have a realtime view of the current status of all of your projects and initiatives.

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Create, view, and manage code and project data through powerful branching tools.

Securely write and manage code and project data. Consolidate source code into a single DVCS that’s easily managed and controlled without disrupting your workflow. GitLab’s git repositories come complete with branching tools and access controls, providing a scalable, single source of truth for collaborating on projects and code.

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Keep strict quality standards for production code with automatic testing and reporting.

GitLab CI is the leading CI solution. No longer need a team of people to maintain the CI server and help dev with CI config. GitLab allows developers to easily create their own configuration, AutoDev Ops, Builds, text, and quality check projects automatically. Sophisticated cross-project flows that are essential for a micro services architecture. Multi-project pipeline graphs allow you to use organizational flows to connect different projects instead of a hierarchical top-down organization that is hard to maintain. Keep strict quality standards for production code with automatic testing and reporting.

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Deploy quickly at massive scale with integrated Docker Container Registry

GitLab contains a complete container registry. Because GitLab is a single application, it is very easy to create new containers from CI. You push it without passing credential around. Avoid painful credential management. No need to manage your containers in a separate applications. GitLab knows who you are are what your right are so you can create new containers directionally from you CI without having to setup a new project in your container registry. Package faster and safer with always up-to-date authorizations. Deploy quickly at massive scale with the integrated Docker Container Registry.

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GitLab's integrated CI/CD allows you to ship code quickly, be it on one -or one thousand servers.

The whole deploy process is version controlled, so you know the up-to-date process and you can propose changes. Integrated with K8 you get Canary Deployments our of the box these ensure you can detect failure before they affect the majority of your users. Protected branches and runners make sure only authorized developers on the project and release to critical environments. Review apps become a staging environment for every code change. Get rid of contention over the standing environment and be able to review each change in isolation. Stage sharing causes forces you to merge multiple changes together pre-maturing because you have to deploy to stage to review. GitLab's integrated CI/CD allows you to ship code quickly, be it on one or one thousand servers. Automate your entire workflow from build to deploy and monitoring with GitLab Auto DevOps. Best practice templates get you started with minimal to zero configuration. Then customize everything from buildpacks to CI/CD. Set credentials shared between applications on a group level keep them up-to-date. Configure your applications and infrastructure.

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Configure your applications and infrastructure.

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Automatically monitor metrics so you know how any change in code impacts your production environment.

You need feedback on what the effect of your release is in order to do release management. Get monitoring built-it, the code change live right next to the effect that it has so you can respond quicker and better. No need to babysit deployment to manually get feedback. Automatically detect buggy code and prevent it from effecting the majority of your users.

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GitLab has been battle-tested to scale to over 1,000,000 users on

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Support for High Availability deployments and Disaster Recovery, means your development environment and knowledge is safe in our hands.

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Comply with licensing, legal, and other requirements using tools built into GitLab.

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Secure your most precious data and assets on GitLab confidently.

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We provide various services to help get your GitLab instance running and help it run smoothly.

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The power and advantages of open source within your organization, without giving away your source code.

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Integrate with GitLab using a comprehensive API and built-in integrations with other services.

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Open core

GitLab is 'open-core', which provides users with access to the source code and the ability to modify it as they wish.

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GitLab helps you get more done, faster with a deeply integrated feature set.

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GitLab's SaaS solution for teams of any size.

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Features that we would love to have. Contributions are very welcome.

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