Why Ultimate?

Ideal for organization-wide security, compliance, and planning

Available in both SaaS and self-managed deployment options, GitLab Ultimate adds:
  • Advanced security capabilities
  • Priority support
  • Security risk mitigation
  • Live upgrade assistance
  • Compliance
  • Portfolio management
  • Value stream management
  • Customer Success Manager for eligible customers
GitLab Ultimate also allows for free guest user licenses to improve your license usage for users with minimal interaction with the system.

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GitLab offers unlimited free guest users on Ultimate plans

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*All plans billed annually. The listed prices may be subject to applicable local and withholding taxes. Pricing may vary when purchased through a partner or reseller. See our Pricing Page for more details.

GitLab Ultimate helps you

Increase Operational Efficiencies

GitLab Ultimate provides a single, scalable interface for organization wide DevSecOps, reducing handoffs across tools and teams - thereby improving efficiencies.

Deliver Better Products Faster

With end to end Value Stream Management and Portfolio Management, GitLab Ultimate allow for greater visibility and transparency across projects - helping to eliminate bottlenecks and deliver products faster.

Reduce Security and Compliance Risk

GitLab Ultimate introduces built-in security testing, compliance and preventive security for cloud native applications helping you manage security risk and achieve regulatory compliance.

CARFAX improves security, cuts pipeline management and costs with GitLab
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