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Why Premium?

GitLab Premium

Premium helps IT organizations scale their DevOps delivery supporting high availability, geographic replication, progressive deployment, advanced configuration, and consistent standards. Canary Deployment

Developer Productivity

Ensure your development teams are always able to be productive. Avoid downtime, minimize outages and reduce latency between distributed teams. GitLab Geo
Productivity Value
Priority Support Minimize outages and downtime with 4 hour response time for regular business support and 24x7 uptime support with a guaranteed 30 minute response time
High Availability Avoid downtime and outages, ensuring developers are able to work at all times.
Geographic Replication Reduce latency between distributed teams and increase developer productivity.
Technical Account Manager GitLab account leader will help guide, plan and shape the technical deployment and implementation of GitLab, and partner to help you get the best value possible out of your relationship with GitLab.

Streamline Project Planning

Manage multiple agile projects (programs) with intuitive and easy to use dashboards and reports to track issues and milestones across multiple projects. Assignee Lists
Planning Value
Group Backlog management Simplify tracking, scoping and planning future work with group level backlog management on multiple issue boards.
Group Milestone Boards/Lists Visualize future work to be delivered in future releases/milestones.
Assignee Boards/Lists Streamline assignment of work to team members in a graphical assignment board.
Group Issue Boards Visually manage programs (groups) with multiple issue boards where work can be dynamically assigned and tracked.
Service Desk Streamline the flow of your user's requests for new features and capabilities.

Deploy with confidence

Accelerate software delivery with integrated deployment and release management. Multiple Project Pipeline Graphs
Deploy Value
Feature Flags Rollout code changes and then dynamically enable or disable specific features.
Deploy Boards Visualize and plan deployments to each environment
Incremental Deployments Sequential rollout of code changes minimizes risk
Canary Deployments Limit risks and roll out changes to a minimal set of end users before initiating rollout to the entire population.
Multi Project Pipelines Link CI pipelines from multiple projects to deliver integrated solutions
Maven Repository Maintain library of binary versions of different builds.
Protected Environments Establish controls and limit the access to change specific environments

Manage the Development Process

Simplify compliance with and traceability with enterprise features built into the developer's workflow. Merge Request Reviews
Manage Development Value
Verified Committer Ensure only authorized and verified team members are allowed to commit to the project
Require Signed Commits Enforce policy to require signed commits from contributors
Merge Request Reviews Track and manage code reviews and feedback with built in merge request reviews
Group and File Templates Establish consistent and standard practices
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