InnerSource with GitLab

Integrated Developer Portal to harness open source best practices and processes to work and collaborate more effectively.


Why InnerSource?

High-performing development and engineering teams are adopting open source processes and culture to improve the developer experience and improve collaboration. Teams are using GitLab as an internal development portal to:

Unit tests, code coverage, continuous integration and built-in end-to-end security help strengthen and improve code earlier.

InnerSource with GitLab

GitLab enables software development teams to improve quality, gain efficiencies, increase collaboration and accelerate innovation, by delivering a streamlined and delightful developer experience.  This experience is optimized by GitLab’s single DevSecOps platform approach with an integrated Internal Developer Portal featuring:

  • Process and product documentation in customizable READMEs and runbooks

  • Centralized, collaborative code reviews with merge requests

  • Knowledge management through Wikis

  • Ideation, communication, and updates via issues

  • threaded discussions

  • Comprehensive API documentation

  • Visualization of test coverage results

  • Powerful Web IDE based on VS Code, housed directly in the UI

  • Native CLI

All housed in the same platform where teams work from planning to production.

Which tier is right for you?

Which tier is right for you?


  • Static application security testing (SAST) and secrets detection
  • Findings in json file
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  • Static application security testing (SAST) and secrets detection
  • Findings in json file
  • MR approvals and more common controls
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  • Everything in Premium plus
  • Comprehensive security scanners include SAST, DAST, Secrets, dependencies, containers, IaC, APIs, cluster images, and fuzz testing
  • Actionable results within the MR pipeline
  • Compliance pipelines
  • Security and Compliance dashboards
  • Much more
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