GitLab for GitOps

Infrastructure automation and collaboration for cloud native, multicloud, and legacy environments

What is GitOps?

GitOps is an operational framework that takes DevSecOps best practices used for application development such as version control, collaboration, compliance, and CI/CD, and applies them to infrastructure automation and management.

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Why GitLab for GitOps?

Foster collaboration between your infrastructure, operations, and development teams. Deploy more frequently with greater confidence while also increasing the stability, reliability, and security of your software environments. Utilize GitLab's capabilities for version control, code review, and CI/CD in a single application for a seamless experience. Take advantage of GitLab's tight integration with HashiCorp Terraform and Vault along with multi-cloud capabilities provide you with the best platform for infrastructure automation and management.

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GitLab advantages

Source Code Management, CI/CD and GitOps workflows are at the core of the automation and management of your infrastructure. In addition, our AI-assisted capabilities across the entire DevSecOps lifecycle can help you become more efficient and increase your deployment frequency.


Git-based version control

Use the Git tooling you already have as an interface for operations. Version your Infrastructure as Code along with configuration policy to make reproducible environments. During incidents, roll back to a last known working state to lower your times to restore services.

Code Review

Improve code quality, distribute best practices, and catch error before they go live with Merge Requests that keep track of and resolve threads, apply in-line suggestions and work asynchronously with in-line and general threaded comments.

Protected branches and environments

Allow everyone to contribute with shared code repositories while limiting who can deploy to environments with unique permissions for protected and non-default branches.

CI/CD and GitOps workflows

GitLab provides powerful and scalable CI/CD built from the ground up into the same application as your agile planning and source code management for a seamless experience. GitLab include Infrastructure as Code static and dynamic testing to help catch vulnerabilities before they get to production. GitLab integrates Flux to support pull-based GitOps workflows.

Terraform integration

GitLab stores your Terraform state file and modules shows Terraform plan output directly in the merge request.

Deploy anywhere

From containers and VMs to bare metal GitLab's deploys everywhere. Go multicloud with AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and more.

How GitLab enables GitOps

Stored in GitLab version control as a single source of truth.

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