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Community Resources

Join our community and sign up for the community newsletter to keep up-to-date on what is happening in the community.

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GitLab for Education

Our free program for educational institutions

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GitLab for Open Source

Our free program for open source projects

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GitLab for Startups

Our free program for startups

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Whether you are a developer, designer, or writer, everyone can contribute. Learn how to become a GitLab contributor.

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Ready to start a GitLab group in your area? Get in touch to learn about sponsorship, swag, speakers, and more.

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GitLab Community Forum

Join the conversation, and connect with peers about all things DevSecOps.

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Chat with the GitLab team and community.

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Learn Git, improve your DevSecOps workflow, or discover new trends with GitLab.

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Documentation crafted to help users, admins, and decision-makers learn about GitLab features.

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Get Help

How to get technical and account support.

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Heroes Program

GitLab Heroes are our top contributors, organizers, and evangelists. Learn more about how you can become a Hero.

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Join us for our quarterly, virtual Hackathon and win prizes. Code, documentation, translation, and design contributions are all welcome.

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On the road again: follow the Gitlab event circuit.

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From GitHub to GitLab

Join thousands of others who are #movingtogitlab. Get step-by-step migration instructions here.

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Contribution Stats

Get all the stats on the GitLab community. See top contributors, total contributions, and more.

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Top Contributors

Need inspiration? Meet GitLab's top contributors.

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Core Team

Meet the people behind the open source project.

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Hall of Fame

Meet the MVPs from past releases.

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Diversity Sponsorship

We believe in fostering diversity by sponsoring events. Learn more about eligibility and how to apply.

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Technology partners and applications that support GitLab.

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Inspiring stories of how GitLab customers have transformed their software development practices.

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GitLab First Look

Join GitLab First Look for exclusive access to betas!

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Contests where you can win cool stuff.

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Build a community where everyone can contribute

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