Axway realizes a 26x faster DevOps cycle by switching from Subversion to GitLab

Paessler AG switches from Jenkins and ramps up to 4x more releases

Helping customers monitor their entire IT infrastructure 24/7, Paessler AG keeps up with this fast-moving field with GitLab for version control and continuous delivery.

4x more releases
Greg Campion Senior Systems Administrator

“The amount of effort involved in actually getting to the newest version that you’re supposed to be testing, whether you’re a developer or a QA engineer, is minimized immensely.”

Ticketmaster Logo


How GitLab CI supported Ticketmaster’s ramp up to weekly mobile releases


Information Technology

The Cloud Native Computing Foundation eliminates complexity with a unified CI/CD system

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Computer Software

Global nonprofit OW2 uses GitLab to help the developer community create software more efficiently


Equinix increases the agility of their DevOps teams with self-serviceability and automation


The Paul G. Allen Center for Computer Science & Engineering gains control and flexibility to easily manage 10,000+ projects.


Science & Research

GitLab adoption growing at CERN

“GitLab offered the most advanced feature set on the market.”

Eric Labourdette Head of Global R&D Engineering Services, Axway