HackerOne + GitLab

HackerOne achieves 5x faster deployments with GitLab’s integrated security

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8 minPipeline time down from 60 (7.5x faster)

5xFaster deployment time (4-5/day up from 1/day)

4 hoursDevelopment time per engineer saved/weekly

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The Zebra + GitLab

How The Zebra achieved secure pipelines in black and white

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50-75Unknown vulnerabilities found using GitLab

1 toolDown from 3 tools


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Drupal Association + GitLab

Drupal Association eases entry for new committers, speeds implementations

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3x fasterImplementation of CI time reduced from 90 days to 30 days

6x rateFrequency increased from 2-3 improvements released every 6 month, now improvements released monthly with every GitLab update

10% higherDrupal core contributions up 10% since transitioning to GitLab Merge Requests

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Siemens + GitLab

How Siemens created an open source DevOps culture with GitLab

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6.4M +Builds per month (>210,000 builds per day)

0Support requests to GitLab

4+Production deployments a month

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Hilti + GitLab

How CI/CD and robust security scanning accelerated Hilti’s SDLC

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400%Increase in code checks (increase from 6 to 24 code checks every three months)

50%Shortened feedback loops (feedback loops decreased from 6 days to 3 days)

15 minDeployment time down from 3 hours (from 3 hours to just 15 minutes)

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Fujitsu + GitLab

Fujitsu Cloud Technologies improves deployment velocity and cross-functional workflows with GitLab

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