Core Team

The mission of the core team is to act as a steward for the wider GitLab community and help GitLab live up to its mission and values.

The core team is not bound to any single organization and primarily consists of volunteers that have made significant contributions to GitLab in development, documentation, online community forums, translation, UX design, and so on. The core team primarily consists of community members. One-third of the core team can be GitLab team members, who help advocate for the community internally. All core team members are encouraged to engage with the wider community and help contributors by triaging issues and reviewing merge requests.


Core team members can be reached by mentioning the @gitlab-org/gitlab-core-team group, in an issue or a merge request, which also includes an issue tracker. You can also reach out to core team members on the contributors Gitter channel. The core team also has scheduled calls. During these calls, core team members are encouraged to discuss topics related to the GitLab open source project and the wider community.

Current members can nominate a new member from the wider community at any time using a confidential issue to limit any possible negative feedback in the smallest setting possible. The nominee will be added to the core team if they accept the nomination and have received positive votes from two-thirds (2/3) of all current core team members within a two week period. Any core team member can gracefully stand down and become a core team alumni if they think they can no longer allocate time for contributing. More information is available in the Core Team handbook page.

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