We want to make it as easy as possible for GitLab users to become GitLab contributors, so we’ve created this contribution guide to help you get started. We have multiple tracks to cater to people of varying interests so that everyone can contribute.

In addition to Open Source Development, there are also Documentation, Translation, and UX Design tracks. Documentation, Translation, and UX Design are all just as important as code, and we'd be happy to welcome your contributions. You can see the wider community contribution data in our community dashboard.

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We want to create a welcoming environment for everyone who is interested in contributing. Please visit our Code of Conduct page to learn more about our commitment to an open and welcoming environment.


Whether it's fixing bugs, adding new features, helping with reviews, GitLab is a great Open Source community for developers from all backgrounds. Many contributors actually started contributing to GitLab development without being familiar with languages like Ruby.

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Contributing to documentation is a great way to get familiar with the GitLab development process and to meet reviewers and other community members. From fixing typos to better organizing our documentation, you will find many areas where you can contribute.

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GitLab is being translated into more than 35 languages, and this is also driven by wider community members. If you speak another language, you can join more than 1,500 community members who are helping translate GitLab. Come and help us speak your language!

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UX Design

In order to help make our product that is easy to use and is built for diverse group of people, we welcome contribution from the wider community. You can help us better understand how you use GitLab and your needs as you work with the GitLab UX team members.

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Getting Help

If you need any help while contributing to GitLab, below are some of the resources that are available.

  1. Ask questions on the Contributors Gitter Channel.
  2. Get in touch with Merge Request Coaches. To find a merge request coach, go to the GitLab Team Page and search for "merge request coach". You can also mention Merge Request Coaches by typing @gitlab-org/coaches in a comment.
  3. Find reviewers & maintainers of Gitlab projects in our handbook and mention them in a comment.
  4. If you have feature ideas/questions, you can search for existing issues or create a new issue if there isn't one already. Feel free to mention product team members in the issue.
  5. For any other questions or feedback, please email contributors@gitlab.com.

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