Contribute to GitLab

Join 4,000+ contributors in GitLab’s open source community and co-create the platform millions of people use to deliver software faster.

Why Contribute?

Co-create GitLab

Improve the software you use every day. Propose and contribute new features, expand the CI/CD catalog, squash bugs or maintain documentation. Everyone can contribute.

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Developer Experience

Open source contributions build experience working with developers and product teams. Highlight your contributions and GitLab achievements on social media or in your resume.

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Join a Community

With 4,000+ contributors, GitLab’s open source community can help you with pair programming sessions, community events and chat support. Come say hello in the GitLab Community Discord!

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Onboard as a first-time contributor, then level up to achieve badges, GitLab swag, and organizational awards. Contribute your way into the GitLab Hall of Fame!

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Tutorial: Make a GitLab Contribution

Learn how to make code changes and create a merge request

Onboard with GitLab's open source community and choose your development environment. Select between in-browser remote options or configure the GitLab Development Kit (GDK) for full local development.

Community Events


Climb the Hackathon leaderboard alongside the GitLab community to contribute, learn, and win exciting prizes!

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Pairing Sessions

Join our weekly community pairing sessions to meet community members, learn a new area of GitLab or work on a contribution.

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Livestreams & Recordings

Check out livestreams and recordings of pairing sessions and other events on the Community Coders for GitLab YouTube channel.

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CI/CD Components Community Office Hours

Meet the CI Components team and learn how to create your own components in the CI/CD Catalog.

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Get Help

How to find help contributing to GitLab:

Contribution Guidelines


Add features, fix bugs, help with reviews, and more. You don't need to know how to write code to contribute.

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From fixing typos to rewriting pages, anyone can contribute to the GitLab documentation.

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Join the 1,500+ community members who translate GitLab into more than 35 languages.

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UX Design

Help make GitLab easy to use for a diverse group of people. Propose features, fix design bugs, and enhance code.

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Help grow a community where everyone can contribute. Learn about public outreach, blogging, and running community meetups.

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Project Templates

Create default templates, repositories, and CI/CD pipeline definitions. Help others around the world get started more quickly.

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Everyone Can Contribute

It is GitLab's mission to make it so that everyone can contribute. Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging is one of GitLab's values and we want to create a welcoming community for every contributor. GitLab earned a CHAOSS DEI Badge for our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Project Statement, which documents our commitment to DEI within our open source community.

Please visit our Code of Conduct page to learn more about our pledge and standards for an open and welcoming environment.

All contributions to GitLab are subject to the DCO or a CLA.

4,039+ Contributors